Bright for Business.
Mental health and soft skills for your team.
How does
mental health relate
to your business?
of yearly workforce turnover is blamed on employee burnout by almost half of HR leaders
of employees annually is diagnosed with depression and anxiety — popular companions of burnout
of the time. It's how often cognitive performance is reduced because of depression
up to
ROI of preventive
mental health programs
Studies by WHO also confirms that such investments clearly outweigh possible losses of productivity and costs of employee turnover.
How bright for business
helps employees
Helps to normalize stress, improve sleep and satisfaction
Helps to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety
Teaches EQ, assertiveness, and other soft skills
Decreases risk of burnout
Cost effective combination of AI and psychotherapists can reduce previously hidden symptoms. No sick leave is required
Preventive spotting of burnout symptoms and prioritisation of their reduction.
That allows to avoid relapse of burnout, depression and anxiety disorders
As well as helps to strengthen the knowledge by creating new habits
We stick to scientific approach.
Bright is developed solely on evidence-based and effective methods: Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, Positive Psychology, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.
How does bright for business work
Bright adapts to user's conditions
Bright asks diagnostic questions
HRs respond to mood trends
We connect a user with the selected therapist
Absence of commitment and face-to-face conversations helps to remove stigma and suits introverts
It happens when a user is diagnosed with sever form of disorder. Or she/he wants to confidentially look into a work related issue.
By doing so, we helps user to remove mild and symptoms of burnout and anxiety. As well as to hone new skills.
They can track company wide dynamics and see what influence it. This data helps to make decision about new seminars, trainings or even company policies.
Security and confidentiality
Employees' data
We rely on such standards like GDPR, HIPAA, OWASP
By default we're on AWS. We can redeploy to another AWS instance or to any other cloud platform.
Neither employer nor Bright can invade a user's privacy. Only a therapist can see some data but only after a conscious user's confirmation.
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